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Texas athlete dies in single-vehicle car accident

One of the things parents often look forward to as their children grow is watching them participate in sports and other activities. Despite the hectic pace a Texas family often follows getting their children to scheduled activities, it is worth it to sit on the bleachers or in the audience and see the results of the hours of practice and discipline. In some cases, it all pays off when a child uses his or her talent to get a college education. However, in the blink of an eye, a car accident can shatter those dreams.

A promising athlete died this week in a fatal accident that is still under investigation. The young man was a junior guard for the Austin College basketball team. On a recent Friday night, he was the passenger in the front seat of a vehicle traveling on a narrow rural road when the driver failed to negotiate a 90-degree curve. The car skidded off the road and slammed into a tree.

Car accidents on school grounds

As a university student, you face many stresses. Not only must you worry about your classwork and career path, you must navigate a crowded campus full of other students who face similar stresses and distractions.

This can create numerous opportunities for danger when you consider the number of students who walk through a campus and the students who drive cars through the same spaces. Should you suffer a car accident injury on school premises, or if a driver strikes you as a pedestrian, you may have a number of legal options to consider.

Texas man dies in bizarre 18-wheeler accident

For those who love to ride motorcycles, too much caution is never possible. Riders know that wearing protective gear, keeping a well-maintained bike and remaining constantly alert can mean the difference between life and death on a Texas road. However, for one biker, these precautions provided little protection from the horrific consequences of an 18-wheeler accident.

The 23-year-old man was well-loved by his family and people in his community. Known for his ready smile and generous nature, the young man was also a motorcycle enthusiast. He was on his way to a motorcycle show, driving south on the interstate, when the unthinkable occurred.

Texas woman dies in horrific rear-end collision

Rear-end collisions can be catastrophic. If a driver is speeding or not paying attention to the roadway, there may be no effort to slow down and no time to apply the brakes before disaster occurs. Often, even if the victim sees the car coming, there is no way to avoid being hit. One Texas family is mourning the loss of a loved one who died as a result of a rear-end collision.

The accident occurred around 12:30 a.m. when a 40-year-old woman was traveling east on I-30. A 19-year-old woman driving in the same direction struck her vehicle from behind. The teen was apparently traveling at such a high rate of speed that, upon impact, the other car flipped numerous times before slamming into a support beam for an interstate sign. The victim's car wrapped around the structure, bowing its steel beams. She died on the scene.

Texas couple victims of drunk driving accident

For many, driving late on a Friday or Saturday night means using extra caution. The end of the week often means people are out drinking or partying, and this raises the risk of facing a drunk driver on the road. However, for one Texas couple, it was a Monday when their world was shattered. Now, a family is left to piece together their lives and try to make sense of the tragedy.

Just before 11 p.m., the couple was traveling on a busy, multi-lane highway when a second vehicle apparently blew through a red light, striking the couple's car squarely on the passenger door. The couple's vehicle spun violently, hitting another car before stopping. The 56-year-old woman in the passenger seat was trapped in the wreckage, and rescue workers had to extricate her from the mangled car. She was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital.

Texas couple recovering after horrendous motorcycle accident

For those who love riding motorcycles, the news that a fellow biker has been injured in an accident may be an emotional experience. Many Texas bikers consider each other like family, and they take it personally when one of their own meets with tragedy. Recently, a well-loved husband and wife were the subject of an outpouring of concern after a motorcycle accident left them with terrible injuries.

In the early morning hours, the couple was riding their motorcycle on their way home from a county fair. In the opposite lane, a car attempted to pass a truck by crossing into the couple's lane. Before the husband could maneuver the motorcycle out of the path of the oncoming car, the car struck the bike head on. The driver of the car did not stop to render aid and has not yet been located by police.

Is a single car accident the fault of the driver every time?

Each and every day, individual drivers experience single car accidents. At first glance, it might seem that the issue of liability in a single car accident is open and shut, but there is more complexity in this area than many people realize.

If you experience a single car accident, are you always at fault? In many cases, yes, but not always. Some single car accidents are not the fault of the driver, depending on a number of factors influencing the situation.

Texas car accident claims 2 lives

Texas has many stretches of road that many would consider dangerous. Based on the number of car accidents and injuries, drivers may dread traveling on certain highways that are known for their hazardous conditions. Chief among those hazards may be reckless drivers who allow things both inside and outside the vehicle to distract them from the task of operating it safely. Two Texas families are now in mourning following a recent tragic accident.

The accident occurred just before 8 a.m. when a 56-year-old woman attempted to make a left turn. Her vehicle was stopped in the westbound lane, and she waited to turn while traffic passed. The driver of a pickup truck failed to notice the car stopped in his lane, and his vehicle collided with hers. The impact of the collision sent the woman's car off the road and the pickup truck into opposing traffic where it struck a compact SUV.

Texas woman dies after trailer mishap

Many travelers find that a trailer comes in handy, whether for hauling items or camping. Bumper-pull trailers attach to a hitch on the bumper of a vehicle, but drivers must make sure the connection is tight to avoid having the trailer come loose and cause an accident. While some trailer owners purchase a breakaway kit, which stops the trailer from rolling if it detaches, one Texas driver failed to include this safety feature, and the result was tragedy.

A 20-year-old woman had left work only 5 minutes earlier and had driven less than a mile when the accident occurred. A pickup truck traveling in the opposite lane was pulling a trailer when the trailer somehow became unhitched. The 2,000-pound trailer drifted into the woman's lane and collided with her vehicle on the driver's side. First responders say she died instantly.

Texas 18-wheeler accidents injure motorists, place others at risk

Among the many ways tractor-trailers benefit society is by transporting products to make them available for consumers. Whether these are very large objects, thousands of small ones or hazardous materials, the use of 18-wheelers provides consumers in Texas with a wide variety of useful and necessary items. However, if a truck is involved in an accident, not only may people in other vehicles suffer injuries from the collision, but the materials on a big rig may place the general public at risk.

A recent accident caused a scare for those in the area when original reports described the contents of the tractor-trailer as dangerous and flammable. Around 6 a.m., the truck driver ran over a tire that another tractor-trailer had dropped into the roadway. The impact caused the driver to lose control of his rig, sending it into the path of an oncoming pickup truck. After striking the pickup, the 18-wheeler rolled onto its side.

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