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Texas man killed in drunk driving accident

Despite the efforts of law enforcement and various safety agencies, some people in continue to drink and drive. When that happens, no one is safe from the potential danger of a drunk driving accident. Such accidents frequently cause catastrophic, life-changing injuries. However, in the case of a recent accident, a Texas family is left grieving the loss of a loved one.

The 70-year-old man was traveling west on a Texas highway just before 1 p.m. on a Wednesday when an eastbound pickup truck crossed the center line. The truck collided head-on with the man's car. The driver of the car died at the scene from his injuries.

Aren’t insurance companies there to protect me?

After you experience an accident, you may think that your work is done after you exchange insurance information with the other individual involved, and then the insurance companies step in to take care of everything. You can be forgiven for thinking this, because it is exactly how most of the marketing by insurance companies portrays the process.

Unfortunately, what the insurance companies don't talk about is how they look for any legitimate (or illegitimate) reason they can find to refuse paying out more than they absolutely have to after an accident.

Texas truck accident claims 2 vibrant lives

Smiles, laughter, generosity and positive energy are some of the things that family members may miss when a loved one dies. Parents may accidentally check social media for posts from their children even after their children are gone from them. The heartbreak of losing a loved one is something that may linger for the rest of one's life. Countless people are feeling that grief following a fatal truck accident on a Texas highway.

A 23-year-old woman agreed to accompany a friend on a road trip. Her friend, who was a soldier in the U.S. Army and worked as a gun instructor, wanted to attend a shooting tournament in another state. The two were returning home when the weather turned bad. Because visibility was poor on the highway, the woman's friend decided to pull off the road behind other vehicles that were waiting out the storm.

Texas hit-and-run motorcycle accident causes injuries

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, especially when they involve a larger vehicle. When such an accident takes place in front of loved ones, it can cause trauma beyond broken bones and bruises. A Texas woman recently watched as an SUV traveling in the wrong direction struck her husband while he was riding his motorcycle.

The woman saw the impact around 10 p.m. one evening and was horrified that the driver of the SUV did not stop to render aid. Friends called 911 for the 45-year-old Marine veteran, and he was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, witnesses found a sideview mirror that had broken off the SUV in the accident. They photographed it and posted it on Facebook to help investigators locate the driver.

Distraction is the cause of many Texas car accidents

When teens first learn to drive, parents may nag them with many admonitions. Don't drink and drive, no texting behind the wheel and don't drive too fast. Parents hope their reminders will instill a sense of caution in their teens, keeping their kids safe from car accidents that could bring life-changing consequences. Unfortunately for several Texas families, those warnings could not prevent a tragedy.

A 16-year-old driver was traveling with three of her friends when she slowed to make a left turn. However, a pickup truck behind them did not slow down and rammed into the back of the car. The impact of the collision was so powerful that the two friends in the back seat of the car, both age 15, died instantly.

Get the medical care you need after a car accident

Many victims of car accidents worry that they won't be able to afford the medical care they really need after a car accident, or that a settlement from an accident may take so long that they'll drown in medical debt while they wait.

If you recently suffered injuries in a car accident, getting the medical treatment you need and deserve should be you first priority. An experienced attorney can help you confront any challenges you face on the way to recovery.

You may not feel all your car accident injuries immediately

Car accidents happen all the time, and often leave us with injuries we don't feel until days or even weeks after the accident occurs. You may believe that your accident was just a run-of-the-mill fender bender, but that fender bender may have left you with serious injuries.

After nearly any kind of car accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even a seemingly small accident is deceptively violent, and an injury you don't yet feel may worsen into a very serious, potentially fatal condition if left untreated.

Texas coach mourned after fatal motor vehicle accident

When a life is taken too soon in a tragic and preventable way, it may cause an entire community to ask why. This is certainly the case recently when a Texas high school athletic coach died in a fatal motor vehicle accident that seriously injured his wife. The couple had been high school sweethearts, and their two children are 1 and 3 years of age.

The couple was returning from a wedding at around 1:30 a.m. when a drunk driver drove his pickup truck the wrong way on a tollway, crashing head on into the couple's vehicle. The coach died two hours later at the hospital, and his wife remains in a coma with numerous broken bones. Family, friends and students of the coach mourned when they heard of his death. His parents had been babysitting the children when they learned of the accident.

Texas man killed when drunk driving suspect crashes into home

Bedtime routines often bring the evening to a peaceful close. After what may have been a hectic day, once the kids are in bed, many take comfort in the simple tasks of closing out the world and preparing to sleep. However, for one Texas family, a nighttime routine ended in tragedy at the hands of a man accused of drunk driving.

The 42-year-old father of three was apparently a happy man who loved his family. He came home from work singing and, after spending time with his children, began getting ready for bed. His wife had just gotten out of the shower when a pickup truck plowed through the wall of the bedroom, striking and killing the father. The impact was so powerful, it pinned the woman inside the wall of the house. She was hospitalized with broken ribs and damaged lungs.

Texas car accident claims toddler's life, causes injuries to mom

A toddler lost his life in a tragic accident that recently occurred in the Lone Star State. Naturally, his surviving family members are grieving and questioning how his life could have been cut so short. The car accident took place along Texas 360 on a Monday morning.

The motor vehicle accident occurred at around 5 a.m. According to police, a pickup truck crashed into a car that was stalled on the highway. Police found a toddler boy in the car's back seat, where he was sitting in a car seat, and they found his mother outside of the car.

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