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Federal Criminal Defense

Arlington Federal Criminal Defense Representation For Serious Drug Offenses

A federal crime is an offense made illegal under federal law. When individuals are charged with federal crimes, they will be prosecuted in federal court, rather than local or state courts.

Although there are similarities between state and federal crimes, federal charges are nothing to take lightly — particularly when they relate to federal detention and drug offenses. Individuals can face steep fines, forfeiture of property and, in some cases, a mandatory minimum prison sentence.

Understanding Your Federal Drug Conspiracy Charge

When it comes to indicting someone for drug conspiracy, the government doesn't have to prove much.

Under the law, drug conspiracy is basically defined as an agreement between two people to violate a particular drug law. Prosecutors simply need to prove that an agreement was in place and that the accused was aware of it. That's it.

The law is broad, but there are defenses available.

To mitigate your penalties, it's important to get an attorney familiar with the federal rules and procedures. The laws, penalties and processes are different than those under the jurisdiction of the state. There are different parties involved and the stakes are often much higher.

Aggressive and Experienced

Attorney Loren Green has extensive experience handling charges involving many federal offenses, such as drug conspiracy, trafficking, possession and distribution along with the pretrial detention in these cases.

We are a close knit staff, and our attorneys have over a decade of experience handling cases similar to yours, many with successful resolutions. Along with drug conspiracy cases, we have handled offenses involving:

  • Drug trafficking and distribution
  • Drug possession
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Theft and fraud

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If you have been charged or are being investigated for drug conspiracy or a related drug offense, mitigating your penalties and protecting your freedom and future cannot be stressed enough.

Contact us to find out what you're up again and how we can utilize our knowledge and resources to help you.

State Criminal DWI Defense

Criminal Defense Overview

Attorney Loren Green founded his practice with the purpose of aggressively defending the rights of individuals accused of state crimes. Located in Arlington Texas, we have provided vigorous and dedicated defense to many clients over the years.

If you are facing charges for any crime, we urge you to contact a Texas criminal defense attorney today. Our many years of combined legal experience will be employed in defending you against those charges and giving you the best possibility of securing a favorable outcome.

Let us help you.