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Experiencing an arrest and facing criminal charges is an extremely difficult time in anyone's life. The impact these events can have on a person's self-esteem, reputation and ability to seek employment can be seriously detrimental.

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Protect your future by getting an experienced attorney. We handle all serious criminal cases state felonies and federal criminal offenses. The consequences of a wrongful conviction should never be taken lightly. Call us now to schedule a no-cost consultation: (817) 522-3605.

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Attorney Loren Green

With over 10-plus years of successfully defending people in the state and federal criminal justice system, we understand that being accused of a crime can be overwhelming.

We discuss the law and the criminal justice process in a method anyone can understand.

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Handling All State Criminal Cases

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Felony DUI repetition

DUI with drugs

DUI with accident

DUI with injuries

Intoxication assault

Drug possession, delivery and distribution

Weapons, Driving While License Suspended (DWLS)

Assault Family Violence

Theft and Weapons charges

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As our client, you deserve to know what to expect. Contact Loren Green right away because he can be of service. Your legal defense deserves immediate attention.

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Experienced Texas Lawyer

Have you been charged with a serious federal or state criminal offense in Texas such as possession of controlled substance? Speak with an experienced attorney who can defend you and guide you through the process. Contact us (817) 522-3605 to schedule a no-cost initial consultation

What You Can Expect

You can expect dedicated responsive legal representation, representation that consistently delivers positive results.

An aggressive advocate on your side:

State Drug Charges Possession Distribution and Delivery

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Drug Possession

We provide an uncompromising defense for individuals suspected of drug crimes.

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