How We Are Different From Other Lawyers

A Law Practice That Allows Us To Offer One-On-One Service

Most personal injury attorneys the public sees are those who spend a disproportionate amount of time advertising, as opposed to doing actual work to help their clients. While many of these lawyers seemingly possess the ability to challenge powerful insurance companies often involved in auto accident claims, they are actually in the least likely position to do so. They lack the fundamental requirements for making a real difference in their clients' cases: time, effort and capacity.

We do not carry a huge volume of cases and do not accept every prospective client who comes through our door. This is so we can make sure the clients we do represent receive personal attention and the dedicated time needed to help them and their families recover what they have lost.

Your Worries Are Our Worries

We often hear of lawyers who talk about the importance of remaining "disconnected" and "objective" in their relationship with their clients.

We could not be more different.

Attorney Loren Green and his staff at Green Law Texas are never detached from our clients and have never tried to insulate ourselves from our clients' worries, fears and pain.

Knowing what our clients are experiencing makes us more effective when it comes to advocating on their behalf.

Please call (817) 522-3605 or email us if you wish to speak with us further about what we can do to help you.