Answers To Common Car Accident Questions

Countless people will be involved in a serious car accident at some point in their lives, but many have no idea what to do when it happens.

Here are answers to common questions many individuals have found helpful:

How Do I Pay For My Car Accident Lawyer?

At Green Law Texas, we charge no fee and do not get paid unless we obtain a recovery for you. You can call us today at (817) 522-3605 to schedule a free consultation and learn more. 

What Will My Lawyer Do For Me?

At Green Law Texas, the individual working on your case will deal with many legal matters on your behalf, including:

  • The investigation of your car accident
  • Witness interviews
  • Expert consultations
  • Consultations with your treating physicians
  • Depositions
  • Trial-related procedures

Should I Settle My Car Accident Case In Arlington On My Own?

If the other driver was clearly at fault and you suffered significant injuries, a settlement from the insurance company is probable. Without an attorney, however, you will likely not receive maximum compensation under the law.

Insurance companies aim to maximize profits by minimizing payouts to victims. They are not your advocate. Only an experienced attorney can help get you the money you deserve following your car accident.

Remember: You only get one opportunity to obtain fair and just compensation for your injuries. There are no take-backs or "do-overs" with regard to any settlement offers.

How Is The Value Of My Auto Accident Claim Determined?

Attorney Loren Green can help you understand the potential value of your claim. Typically, compensation is based on your:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost earnings or wages
  • Pain and suffering incurred in the car accident
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium with your spouse

How Can I Find Out How Much Insurance Coverage Is Available In My Case?

At Green Law Texas, our attorneys will conduct an exhaustive search to determine your insurance coverage to help you obtain compensation for critical injuries and pain and suffering.

What Can I Personally Do To Help My Case?

There are three main actions you can take after your car accident that will help your attorney and may dramatically improve the outcome of your case:

1. Seek Medical Attention

Seeking medical attention after your auto accident is crucial — even if you don't feel any pain or don't think you were injured. Shock often prevents the human body from feeling real pain at first. Further, many injures also do not appear until days after an accident.

Getting treatment will help rule out serious injuries but will also strengthen your personal injury claim. Holding off on medical attention makes it harder to connect the injuries to your auto accident.

2. Take Pictures Of Your Injures

Take a selfie or ask a family member or a friend to take pictures of all of your injures after your accident. Photographic evidence is extremely valuable in a personal injury case and can be useful if an insurance company impedes your ability to recover the compensation you deserve. It is also helpful if you decide to hire a personal injury attorney.

3. Take Notes, Keep Documentation

It's important to keep notes regarding correspondence with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and any other medical professional you see for your injuries. This includes phone calls, emails and office visits.

It's also important to keep receipts for all medical bills, including prescribed medications and assistive devices, during your treatment. A record of all of these will strengthen your case.

What Are Insurance Policy Limits And Why Are They Important?

When you purchase auto insurance, your contract (known as your policy) stipulates how much money the insurance company will pay out for certain claims. Depending on your situation, your medical bills may exceed your policy limitations.

My Auto Insurance Company Says My Policy Does Not Cover My Auto Accident Injuries. Why Not?

To shield you and your family from personal responsibility, the state of Texas requires drivers to purchase auto insurance policies that carry liability coverage for injuries THEY cause to OTHER people or other people's property. This type of liability does NOT pay for your injuries.

Some drivers opt to purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which pays for their injuries if the at-fault driver does not have any or enough insurance coverage, but this is not mandated. This may not have been included in your policy.

There Are A Lot Of Lawyers Out There. Are They All The Same?

People tend to believe that all lawyers are the same and obtain the same results. This could not be further from the truth. Click here to find out how we are different.

I Was Recently In An Auto Accident, But Can't Retrieve My Personal Items Left In The Vehicle. Why Not?

Occasionally, law enforcement officers will place a hold on a vehicle and prevent anyone from accessing the car so that it can be inspected and photographed and remain undisturbed by outside factors.

How Do I Know If My Car Is Safe Enough To Hold Up In An Accident?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a great place to obtain information regarding a specific vehicle's safety standards and ratings.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at Green Law Texas. We can set up an appointment to talk further about your situation at our office in Arlington or at the hospital or your home.