Helping Arlington Recover For Distracted And Texting While Driving Accident Injuries

Smartphone, iPods, Fitbits, you name it; these on-the-go technological devices are everywhere and a part of our 21st century love for digital.

They go with us everywhere — even the car. Too many drivers are tied to these devices and cannot put them away, even when they get behind the wheel.

Sadly, the statistics prove the danger involved with this. In the state of Texas alone, there were almost 500 motor vehicle fatalities that occurred in 2015 because of a distracted driver carelessly taking selfies or texting while driving behind the wheel.

Such unnecessary distracted driving actions have devastated the lives of so many people in the Arlington community and across the state of Texas.

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Distracted drivers are not the only ones carelessly causing auto accidents. Find out how we can help you recover for an incident involving a drunk driver.