Preparing For Your First Meeting

Here's How You Can Get A Running Start On Your Auto Accident Injury Case

Attorney Loren Green does his very best to obtain as much information about your injury and your case as quickly as possible so we can get on the path to getting you the compensation you need and deserve. The more time that passes, evidence and potentially the value of your case diminish.

To get a running start on your case, we encourage our clients to bring the following items to the initial client meeting.

1. A Copy Of The Accident Report

If you have a copy of the accident report, bring it. We also ask that you bring an incident report if it's part of your case. Incident reports are frequently produced in addition to accident reports in cases that involve DUI arrests or other criminal charges.

2. Photographs Of The Auto Accident

We also ask that you bring any photographs taken by you, passengers, friends or family members. Such photographs may be the only ones in your case and can be extremely valuable in proving fault.

3. Insurance Policies And Related Documents

If you have a copy of your insurance policy, insurance binders or other car insurance coverage statements, please bring them so your lawyer can review them.

Please bring all documentation relating to health insurance benefits, health insurance policies, employee benefits packages or other information regarding any policy that may provide payment for the injuries you suffered in the accident.

Also bring any information regarding disability policies or documents pertaining to disability coverage for the benefit of a bank, mortgage company or other creditor, as well as life insurance and credit life policies (if it's a death case).

Finally, bring any documents you have received from any insurer regarding the accident.

4. Medical Bills And Other Expenses

Please bring any bills from medical providers you have received regarding your treatment following this accident. Please also bring a list of any personal items that were lost or damaged in the accident.

Don't Have All Of The Information? Don't Let That Prevent You From Pursuing Your Claim.

If you cannot gather all or any of the above named documents, do not worry. Our experienced attorneys can always help you retrieve these items at a later date.