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Horrific tractor-trailer accident kills 2 Texas women

No matter the time of day, traveling along the nation's highways can be a dangerous undertaking. Sadly, no matter how carefully one drives, a tragic tractor-trailer crash can occur without warning and without time to take evasive actions. One recent crash in Texas took the lives of two women who were headed to work.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, a 54-year-old trucker was operating his semi-trailer east along U.S. 290. He was driving a 2017 model tractor while hauling an attached flat-bed trailer. For reasons that have not yet been determined, the driver seemingly lost control and crossed over into the westbound lanes of the roadway. His tractor then collided with a smaller passenger car being driven by a 27-year-old man.

Preparing evidence after a pedestrian-car accident

It is never easy to recover after being struck by a car as a pedestrian. Often, the injuries suffered are severe and life-altering, and may requite many months of recovery time just to get you back to near-normal functionality in your everyday life and work.

Of course, while you recover, your medical bills and other expenses do not go away. In fact, your expenses in general are probably much higher, while your income is probably cut significantly. For many people facing such circumstances, it can feel overwhelming. It may seem like an insurmountable challenge to simultaneously focus on physical recovery from the accident while also addressing mounting expenses and legal issues.

Infant killed in suspected drunk driving crash

In spite of the warnings and public awareness campaigns, every day, motorists still choose to drive after they have been drinking alcohol. Countless Texas families have been forever changed by the tragedies that are caused by drink driving crashes. Recently, a former emergency responder allegedly killed an infant after purportedly drinking and driving.

Texas officials responded to the scene of a traffic accident involving a passenger car and a pickup truck. According to the investigation, a family with three children and the parents, was traveling on a local road when the father apparently observed that the traffic ahead slowed down. The man decreased his speed to adjust to changing traffic conditions. Unfortunately, a 28-year-old man driving in the pickup behind, failed to adjust his speed.

Texas car crash kills parents and infant; injures 3 children

One of the joys of family life is the opportunity to take trips and make memories for years to come. Sadly, an unforeseen tragedy can steal not just cherished memories but loved ones as well. Recently, a horrific Texas car crash has robbed four young children of their parents and infant sister.

The fatal accident occurred as a family of seven was returning from a family excursion. As they traveled down a local route, a motorist headed in the opposite direction swerved over into on-coming traffic and smashed into the family's vehicle in a head-on collision. The crash killed the 31-year-old father and 29-year-old mother. A 2-month-old infant also perished in the wreck.

Texas woman killed in drunk driving crash

No matter the time of day, driving along the Texas interstates can be a nerve-wracking experience. Along with the hazards posed by heavy traffic and distracted drivers, there is the possibility that another driver may have climbed behind the wheel after drinking. Sadly, one family is now mourning the loss of their loved one after a drunk driving crash.

Texas officials reported that a man has been charged with one count of intoxicated manslaughter after he struck another vehicle with his SUV while traveling in the wrong direction on Interstate 20. According to the accident report and video footage from a dashboard camera mounted in another vehicle, the wrong-way driver was proceeding in the far left lane of the highway against opposing traffic. His vehicle then appeared to side swipe one car, which sent it into a spin before it crashed. 

Fatal crash possibly caused by tractor-trailer driver

There are certain stretches of Texas highways that have been deemed to be more dangerous for travelers. Recently, one section of a highway that has seen its share of fatal crashes was the site of yet another fatality that has been initially blamed on a tractor-trailer driver. According to one source, this area of roadway has been the scene of four fatal crashes over the past several years.

The most recent accident occurred along a stretch of U.S. Route 77. According to a Department of Public Safety spokesman, the wreck may have been caused by an inattentive tractor-trailer driver. A man was purportedly driving his heavy-duty pickup truck along the road as he was traveling between two large semis. As traffic up ahead began to slow down, the driver of the 18-wheeler behind him purportedly failed to adjust his speed. 

Protecting your claim after a car accident

The actions you take after a car accident can greatly affect your insurance claim and the amount of payout that you receive, even if you are clearly not at fault in the accident and suffer serious injuries as a result of it.

Insurance providers offer coverage to drivers to protect against the possibility of an accident, which is a needed service. However, these companies seek to make profits wherever they can, and often this comes at the expense of their own clients or the claimants against their clients. If an insurance company can identify ways to reduce its payout and stay within the guidelines of the law (usually), then it most likely will do so.

Texas man killed in motorcycle crash; passenger injured

Traveling by motorcycle is the transportation of choice for many Texas residents. Unfortunately, riders face a greater risk of injury or death in the event of a serious motorcycle crash. No matter how diligent one may be when operating these vehicles, an unavoidable collision can occur without warning.

Recently, there was a report of another serious collision involving a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. The Chief of Police in the town near where the collision occurred stated that the motorcyclist, a 52-year-old man, and his female passenger were traveling north along Highway 96 near the convergence of FM 363 just after 6 p.m. A vehicle that was traveling south, purportedly attempted to complete a left turn east onto FM 363.

Driver killed; others injured in related drunk driving accidents

Texas officials are working to locate a driver that they say caused a fatal collision on a local highway. Officials say that two crashes along FM 1960 that occurred during the early morning hours of a recent Sunday appear to have been drunk driving accidents involving two separate drivers. The man who was driving a pickup in the first collision fled the scene on foot.

The report states that a small passenger vehicle carrying three people was traveling west along the highway at approximately 2 a.m. A  pickup truck was also headed west and was purportedly traveling at a high rate of speed. It then caught up to the smaller car and struck it forcefully in the rear bumper. The impact caused the car to go into a spin and then split into two pieces, killing the driver. According to witnesses, the driver of the pickup appeared to be intoxicated and fled the scene.

CareFlite on standy-by, later cancelled after motorcycle crash

Regardless of the seasons, there are many Texas motorcycle enthusiasts who are willing to brave the elements in order to travel the open road on their bikes. The vast majority of these riders are diligent and observe every safety precaution in an effort to avoid becoming a victim of a motorcycle crash. Unfortunately, a serious collision can occur at any time.

Recently, Texas officials were called out to the scene of a serious collision between a van and a motorcycle that occurred near a local high school. According to the report, the motorcyclist was traveling south down FM 174. A van that was traveling in the opposing direction purportedly attempted to complete a left-hand turn into the parking area of the school. This maneuver resulted in the van colliding with the motorcycle.

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