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18-wheeler accidents Archives

Texas man hit and killed by tractor-trailer off Interstate 20

Traveling the Texas highways often presents many challenges due to heavy traffic and high speeds. In the event that one gets involved in an accident, it can be an especially dangerous time while waiting for assistance to arrive on the scene. Sadly, one man was killed while waiting for help after a tractor-trailer accident in East Texas.

Texas man injured in 18-wheeler accident

One of the most intimidating aspects of driver's education for a young person is certainly taking that first trip on the interstate. Multiple lanes of traffic moving in the same direction means remaining constantly alert to changes all around. Highway accidents involving unsafe lane changes are among the most common and potentially life-threatening crashes a Texas driver can experience. When an unsafe lane change is attempted by the driver of an 18-wheeler, the threat is even more dangerous.

New law may reduce fatalities in Texas 18-wheeler accidents

If the rate of injuries in motor vehicle accidents has fallen, it may be due to the safety features auto manufacturers have added over the years. Air bags, seat belts, anti-lock brakes and shatter-resistant glass are just a few steps in the evolution of car safety. However, none of these features can protect a Texas driver whose car skids under the body of an 18-wheeler.

18-wheeler accident claims life of Texas worker

Even in ideal weather conditions, caution on the road is the best practice. This may be especially true for drivers of 18-wheelers and other big trucks. Any changes in conditions may increase the chances of a crash, and tractor-trailer accidents tend to have catastrophic results. Recently, a Texas man died after a series of accidents on the interstate placed him in harm's way.

Texas man dies in bizarre 18-wheeler accident

For those who love to ride motorcycles, too much caution is never possible. Riders know that wearing protective gear, keeping a well-maintained bike and remaining constantly alert can mean the difference between life and death on a Texas road. However, for one biker, these precautions provided little protection from the horrific consequences of an 18-wheeler accident.

Texas 18-wheeler accidents injure motorists, place others at risk

Among the many ways tractor-trailers benefit society is by transporting products to make them available for consumers. Whether these are very large objects, thousands of small ones or hazardous materials, the use of 18-wheelers provides consumers in Texas with a wide variety of useful and necessary items. However, if a truck is involved in an accident, not only may people in other vehicles suffer injuries from the collision, but the materials on a big rig may place the general public at risk.

Texas 18-wheeler accident results in death of beloved woman

Most drivers of big rigs understand the great responsibility they have when they take their massive vehicles on the highways. The safety of everyone around them depends on their speed, attention to the road and fitness to drive. What a driver may overlook is the condition of the truck. A recent semi-truck accident on a Texas highway may have been the result of a poorly maintained vehicle combined with unsafe speed.

Texas truck accident claims 2 vibrant lives

Smiles, laughter, generosity and positive energy are some of the things that family members may miss when a loved one dies. Parents may accidentally check social media for posts from their children even after their children are gone from them. The heartbreak of losing a loved one is something that may linger for the rest of one's life. Countless people are feeling that grief following a fatal truck accident on a Texas highway.

Texas school bus involved in truck accident

Truck drivers often spend most of their waking hours behind the wheel. Because of this, it may seem that they forgot the size and weight of their vehicles and the potential damage those vehicles may do in an accident. Truckers that drive too fast for road or weather conditions place other drivers at risk. Very few states are without stories of tragic truck accidents, including Texas.

Texas semi accident leaves many injured

Most law enforcement agencies have seen more than their fair share of tractor-trailer accidents. Unfortunately, such accidents seem to be happening with more frequency despite increasing federal safety regulations for the trucking industry. The tragic fact is that many 18-wheeler accidents that result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities are often preventable. A recent accident in Texas is still under investigation, but it contains familiar factors.

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