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What causes the most fatal car crashes in Texas?

As you drive by a bad car accident, you may wonder what circumstances occurred to cause the crash. Was it something simple and unintentional, like an error in judgment? Or was it caused by careless or reckless actions by a driver?

The Auto Insurance Center, a car insurance information site, also wondered about common causes of accidents, particularly ones with fatalities. Using fatal crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) from 2009 to 2013, they aimed to find out the leading cause of fatal traffic accidents in each state.

To ensure an accurate comparison, the Auto Insurance Center found the per-capita fatality rate for each state.  They did this by taking the total number of fatal accidents for each of the causes by state and dividing that by each state's population.

In Texas, like the majority of the states, failure to keep in the proper lane caused the majority of fatal automobile accidents. Texas also was one the top five states affected by improper or erratic lane changes and fatal accidents resulting from police pursuits. The state also is in the middle range compared to other states in speeding and drunk driving. Ultimately, it is the common driving errors that cause the most fatal crashes.

"It doesn't take extreme conditions or intentional recklessness behind the wheel for tragedy to strike," the Auto Insurance Center concluded in its report. "Scary as it sounds, the factors to blame for the worst outcomes on the road are pretty common. While they don't always end in a fatal crash, it's important to remember that they very well could."

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