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What if I lose an athletic scholarship after a car accident?

It can happen in mere seconds. Maybe you're walking between classes, maybe you're riding in a friend's car, or maybe you're riding a bicycle to work after school. Then, suddenly, a vehicle comes out of nowhere and your whole life changes.

You've been working hard for years, putting in hours of training and traveling to events, and your dreams were just beginning to blossom - a scholarship for your skills.

Now all that is pulling away from you in the rearview mirror. If you're lucky, you can undergo months of intensive physical therapy and play the sport you love again. But that scholarship and the opportunity to make your mark on history may never materialize again.

There are many things that can justify a personal injury settlement, but the more intangible the loss, the more complex it is to demonstrate what you had taken.

The silver lining is that it is possible to pursue damages because you lost a scholarship after a car accident - but it will require hard work on your part and high-quality legal counsel.

Fighting for the life you lost

Personal injury claims can address many kinds of losses, the simplest of which are those that can be easily quantified.

If, for instance, you suffer an injury in a car accident and miss out on income amounting to $5,000, while also incurring $20,000 in medical expenses, it is relatively straightforward to seek compensation for those losses.

If you got a scholarship prior to an accident, then you want to find the letter that officially made you the offer. You also want to collect any other documentation that relates to the scholarship.

In these cases, it is difficult to create a complete picture of what you have lost, especially if your physical abilities cannot recover to your previous level.

Ultimately, when you seek compensation for your losses, you are always better off with as much documentation and expert testimony as you can find. In order to properly award you compensation, a court must see a complete picture of how you suffered in the accident.

Strong teams lead to strong results

As a high-level performer in athletics, you certainly understand the value of a strong team and top-notch coaching. The same principles apply when you are waging a legal fight for fair compensation.

Building a strong team for strong results begins with enlisting the guidance of an experienced attorney who understands the nuances of the law and can protect your rights throughout the process.

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