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July 2017 Archives

Another Texas motor vehicle fatality leaves many stricken

It may be six months before the results of blood tests confirm what police believe about the driver of a pickup truck involved in a recent motor vehicle fatality. The accident left him injured and took the life of another driver. Texas police suspect the 26-year-old man in the truck may have been intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Texas man remembered fondly after fatal motorcycle accident

A serious problem facing motorcycle riders each time they hit the road is that many other drivers simply do not see them. No matter how riders adjust the noise capability on their mufflers, the smaller silhouette of a bike is often overlooked by drivers conditioned to watch for cars and trucks. A collision between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle may result in catastrophic injuries. One Texas family is mourning the loss of a loved one who suffered fatal injuries when the driver of a car apparently failed to see him.

Texas man killed in drunk driving accident

Despite the efforts of law enforcement and various safety agencies, some people in continue to drink and drive. When that happens, no one is safe from the potential danger of a drunk driving accident. Such accidents frequently cause catastrophic, life-changing injuries. However, in the case of a recent accident, a Texas family is left grieving the loss of a loved one.

Aren’t insurance companies there to protect me?

After you experience an accident, you may think that your work is done after you exchange insurance information with the other individual involved, and then the insurance companies step in to take care of everything. You can be forgiven for thinking this, because it is exactly how most of the marketing by insurance companies portrays the process.

Texas truck accident claims 2 vibrant lives

Smiles, laughter, generosity and positive energy are some of the things that family members may miss when a loved one dies. Parents may accidentally check social media for posts from their children even after their children are gone from them. The heartbreak of losing a loved one is something that may linger for the rest of one's life. Countless people are feeling that grief following a fatal truck accident on a Texas highway.

Texas hit-and-run motorcycle accident causes injuries

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, especially when they involve a larger vehicle. When such an accident takes place in front of loved ones, it can cause trauma beyond broken bones and bruises. A Texas woman recently watched as an SUV traveling in the wrong direction struck her husband while he was riding his motorcycle.

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