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Aren’t insurance companies there to protect me?

After you experience an accident, you may think that your work is done after you exchange insurance information with the other individual involved, and then the insurance companies step in to take care of everything. You can be forgiven for thinking this, because it is exactly how most of the marketing by insurance companies portrays the process.

Unfortunately, what the insurance companies don't talk about is how they look for any legitimate (or illegitimate) reason they can find to refuse paying out more than they absolutely have to after an accident.

Insurance commercials love to show how they have dependable service programs or how they offer great discounts. While many of those might be true, it breezes over one of the biggest problems with leaving insurance companies to decide what your accident is worth — namely, that it is probably worth much less to them than it is to you.

In addition, that's only accounting for an insurer representing you. The other driver's insurer may try to butter both sides of their own bread by refusing to pay your claim on some suspect technicality, while turning right around and raising their driver's rates.

Don't trust any insurer to have your best interests in mind

It is not fair to claim that all insurance companies simply abuse their customers, but it is more than fair to claim that insurers always remain mindful of their own bottom line. If they can justify not making a payout, they probably will.

In these cases, it is useful to seek out a lawyer to represent you. If you can, find a lawyer who will work with you on a contingency basis. This means that the lawyer does not take any money up front, but rather agrees to fight for a settlement on your behalf in return for an agreed-upon percentage of that settlement.

In this scenario, you can rest assured that a professional lawyer is looking out for your interests without ever spending any money out of pocket. While you do have to give some of your potential settlement in this arrangement, you will probably receive a larger settlement than you would otherwise, so you may not actually receive any less of a payout.

On the contrary, a skilled lawyer knows how to navigate around the tactics that insurers use to minimize claims, often securing settlements much larger than the initial offer. In this case, you not only have the benefit of an advocate in your corner, you actually receive more out of the settlement, too.

Don't wait to get started pursuing a fair resolution

The longer you wait to begin pursuing a fair resolution to your injury accident, the longer it takes before you have a chance to recover your losses. It is wise to build a team to fight for your rights and needs as soon as possible so that you can focus on recovering from the injury while the lawyer can focus on fighting for what you deserve.

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