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Distracted driving poses risks for all drivers

These days, virtually everyone has a smartphone with them everywhere they go, and they are available to be reached every moment of the day. This is certainly a wonderful part of our modern lives in many ways, but it does entail some serious risks.

One of the most common problems that smartphones enable is the constant temptation some drivers feel to look at their phone while behind the wheel. The more comfortable we become with driving and looking at our phones, the more susceptible we are to accidents brought on by distraction.

If you recently suffered an injury in an accident with a distracted driver, do not delay seeking immediate medical attention. Even if you think that you got away without any serious injuries, you may have delayed onset injuries that don't cause pain or discomfort for days or even weeks after the accident.

Once you seek medical care, it is usually wise to consult with an experienced attorney to explore all the options you have to pursue fair, comprehensive compensation for your injuries. You may have more available options than you realize.

Distracted driving is a serious risk for everyone on the road

Like driving after drinking, driving while looking at your phone is not only dangerous for you, it is dangerous for everyone else sharing the road with you. Even at relatively low speeds, distracted drivers contribute to a shocking number of auto collisions.

Not only does distracted driving pose a very real threat to other drivers, looking at your phone while behind the wheel can significantly impact a lawsuit after a car accident. Law enforcement uses increasingly sophisticated tools that can determine with surprising accuracy whether or not a driver was using one's phone in the moments before a collision.

If you believe that your accident occurred because the other driver was looking at one's phone, this is certainly something you should bring up when you consult with an attorney.

Supporting your case

Establishing that another driver used a phone surrounding your accident, you may have a very strong case of negligence. While it is never fun to survive a car accident, having proof that the other driver was distracted is not the worst position to find yourself in.

Next time you or someone you are with is tempted to look at a smartphone behind the wheel, be mindful of the immense damage to yourself and others you might cause. There is no text that absolutely can't wait for you to pull over and check it safely.

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