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Car accidents on school grounds

As a university student, you face many stresses. Not only must you worry about your classwork and career path, you must navigate a crowded campus full of other students who face similar stresses and distractions.

This can create numerous opportunities for danger when you consider the number of students who walk through a campus and the students who drive cars through the same spaces. Should you suffer a car accident injury on school premises, or if a driver strikes you as a pedestrian, you may have a number of legal options to consider.

Depending on the nature of the accident, you may have grounds to pursue legal actions against the driver of the vehicle as well as the school itself. Be sure to seek out proper legal counsel that can help you assess the situation fairly and protect your rights while you build a claim. You may even wish to call an attorney out to the scene of an accident to assess the situation while it is still fresh.

Who is liable in your accident?

Without knowing the specifics of your accident, it is not possible to determine who may hold liability for your injury. Just like a standard car accident, if the driver of the vehicle that struck you made a driving error or struck you because he or she was distracted, this may indicate liability.

However, if some aspect of the campus itself, such as poor maintenance of grounds or poor design that creates unnecessary opportunities for accidents, the school itself may hold some or all of the liability as well.

This creates an interesting intersection (pun intended) of legal areas involving personal injury, moving vehicle accidents and premises liability.

Get the help you need to focus on your recovery

Regardless of who bears responsibility for your accident, you deserve to focus on your recovery and not bear the burden of also sorting out a complex web of legal liability and conflicting interests. It is wise to consult with an experienced attorney who understands how to defend your rights in this complicated area.

With professional legal counsel, you can spend more time and energy doing the hard wok of recovering from your injuries while an attorney represents your interests and fights for fair compensation, possibly from multiple parties.

Don't allow yourself to lose compensation you deserve because of the complexity of the issues involved. You deserve fair, full compensation, and should use every tool at your disposal to protect your rights and interests as you work toward recovery.

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