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The many don’ts of a car insurance claim

If you are involved in a car accident, it won't be long before you're speaking with your insurance company about what comes next.

Here's a common myth that many people believe to be true: Their insurance company will deal fairly with you because you are a long time customer. While it's nice to believe this to be accurate, nothing could be further from the truth.

Insurance companies have one thing in mind: limiting the amount of money they pay out. They don't particularly care about what's best for you, as long as they can save money along the way.

Here are some of the many things you should never do when making a car insurance claim:

  • Don't provide a written or recorded statement until you review your policy and understand what it entails
  • Don't accept the first offer you receive, as car insurance companies are notorious for throwing out low ball offers
  • Never sign a waiver or release unless you know exactly what it says and how it will impact your situation
  • Never accept a check for a final payment, unless you are certain that you want to move on
  • Don't let your insurance company off the hook, as you pay for coverage and you should expect to receive the proper benefits

These are the types of things that can lead to trouble when making a car insurance claim. For this reason, you want to avoid them at all costs.

While your health is priority number one, there are other things to think about when the time comes. For many, this means dealing with their car insurance company in an attempt to recover compensation for any damages.

If you understand your policy and your legal rights, it's much easier to avoid making mistakes that could cost you time and money after your accident. You have car insurance for a reason, so don't let your insurer off the hook. You need to fight for your rights, as this will improve your outlook.

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