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January 2018 Archives

Texas man injured in 18-wheeler accident

One of the most intimidating aspects of driver's education for a young person is certainly taking that first trip on the interstate. Multiple lanes of traffic moving in the same direction means remaining constantly alert to changes all around. Highway accidents involving unsafe lane changes are among the most common and potentially life-threatening crashes a Texas driver can experience. When an unsafe lane change is attempted by the driver of an 18-wheeler, the threat is even more dangerous.

Texas teen dies in car accident with 13-year-old driver

Parents usually worry when their children get their driver's licenses. Those early years of learning to negotiate difficult situations and changing traffic patterns can make parents nervous, and the fear of getting a phone call that their young driver has been in an accident may keep parents awake at night. However, parents in Texas are mourning the death of their daughter who never reached the age of obtaining her license.

Texas man dies in wrong-way crash

Just after 4 a.m. on a recent Sunday morning, emergency dispatchers began receiving calls of a wrong-way driver on Highway 121. Texas police immediately began searching for the driver, who was heading south in the northbound lanes of the eight-lane highway. However, before officers could intercept him, the car had plowed head-on into two other vehicles.

Texas bikers face hazards beyond their control

In many parts of the country, the winter months mean parking the bike and taking the car. Motorcycle enthusiasts in Texas are fortunate to have weather allowing them to ride year-round. However, this means more opportunities for accidents and injury. Despite the precautions a biker may take, there will always been risks and hazards that place him or her in danger.

Alcohol affects Texas drivers after only one drink

Now that the holidays are in the past, many may be focusing on resolutions that include self-improvement. One of these may be to drink less alcohol and hopefully to drive only when sober. However, some in Texas may be under the misconception that they are sober if their blood alcohol content is lower than .08. While .08 is certainly the legal limit, experts say there is no safe limit when it comes to drinking and driving.

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