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Alcohol affects Texas drivers after only one drink

Now that the holidays are in the past, many may be focusing on resolutions that include self-improvement. One of these may be to drink less alcohol and hopefully to drive only when sober. However, some in Texas may be under the misconception that they are sober if their blood alcohol content is lower than .08. While .08 is certainly the legal limit, experts say there is no safe limit when it comes to drinking and driving.

States set BAC limits for legal purposes, but from a safety standpoint, alcohol begins to affect a driver almost immediately. Forensic scientists who have studied the effects of drinking on drivers say that one of the first consequences of consuming alcohol is the ability to make sound judgements. Finding a safe ride home may be one wise decision that is more difficult to make after a few drinks.

When one's BAC is .02 or .03, he or she may have difficulty handling numerous tasks at once, such as maintaining speed while staying within a lane. Drivers with even small amounts of alcohol in their systems may have difficulty focusing on the objects in front of them. It may take them longer to understand what an object is or to make a decision about how to react to a quickly changing situation.

An alcohol-related traffic accident causing injury or death occurs every 20 minutes somewhere in the state of Texas. This means families are left to grieve, and innocent victims face long and painful recoveries. As long as drivers continue to ignore their grave responsibility to drive sober, suffering victims can depend on the assistance of an attorney for guidance in seeking just compensation for their losses.

Source:, "Alcohol impairment starts at very low levels, no safe level for driving", Louanna Campbell, Dec. 29, 2017

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