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Texas bikers face hazards beyond their control

In many parts of the country, the winter months mean parking the bike and taking the car. Motorcycle enthusiasts in Texas are fortunate to have weather allowing them to ride year-round. However, this means more opportunities for accidents and injury. Despite the precautions a biker may take, there will always been risks and hazards that place him or her in danger.

The biggest danger to a motorcyclist is other drivers. While a head-on collision is likely to result in catastrophic injuries, sometimes it only takes a car crossing into the wrong lane and clipping a bike to cause a serious accident. Even when traveling in a single direction, drivers of larger automobiles may not see a biker when they change lanes. The smaller bike in a blind spot or drivers who think they can switch lanes before the motorcycle gets there often place bikers in life and death situations, especially at highways speeds.

Drivers making left turns into the path of a motorcycle are daily events. This is often a case of simple inattention. Additionally, no biker wants a car following behind when the driver is distracted. There is little to protection for the operator of a motorcycle when a larger vehicle rear-ends his or her bike.

There are many elements a biker can control to avoid a motorcycle accident, such as slowing down on curves, adjusting for weather and road conditions, and staying off the bike after consuming alcohol. However, motorcyclists are often at the mercy of the drivers of larger vehicles, and many have the scars to prove it. Texas bikers who suffer from the negligence of others on the road have the right to seek legal assistance.

Source:, "10 Biggest Dangers to Motorcyclists on the Road", Collin Woodward, Accessed on Jan. 3, 2018

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