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Stay safe on your summer road trip

The season for road trips is upon us. Whether you're headed out to a music festival like Lollapalooza in Chicago or Bonaroo in Tennessee or just hitting the road with pals, summer road trips are the stuff memories are made of.

To make sure that those memories are happy ones not associated with auto accidents, the following tips may be helpful.

Beware of "highway hypnosis"

This common condition is a real malady. It involves the hypnotic state to which drowsy drivers are very susceptible when driving long distances with few breaks. Over 60 percent of motorists admit to driving drowsy at least once, as reported by Sleepy's, a nationwide mattress retailer.

To keep highway hypnosis at bay, make sure you get plenty of sleep prior to leaving on your road trip. Rotate drivers regularly and take frequent breaks. The hours between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. are times when many drivers' energy flags, so stay alert.

Plan strategic stops

Maximize your stops to include points of interest along the route. If traveling with younger children, make sure to stop for regular meal and bathroom breaks to keep them on a routine.

Even if you don't exit off the interstate, every two hours or so you should pull to the side and walk quickly around for a couple of minutes to keep the blood flowing properly to your limbs.

Chew sugarless gum

The process of chewing gum keeps your alert and increases blood circulation. When you eat, lay off the carbs and sweets and eat protein and healthy snacks like carrots and almonds.

Make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated to keep your mind and body at optimum performance levels.

Sniff scented peppermint

This is a pick-me-up that can increase alertness on long-distance drives. As an all-natural alternative to scented sprays, this is a good choice to decrease drivers' fatigue.

Watch your posture

Don't slump behind the wheel. Our blood flows best when we sit up straight.

Play those tunes

No road trip is complete without music. Crank up your Spotify road trip playlist and sing along with your passengers to your favorites.

Arriving alive is your end game

Make sure that safety is paramount when embarking on any road trip this summer. Avoid accidents and take the extra time to slow down and arrive alive at your destination so you can enjoy many more summer road trips to come.

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