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Texas man one in a long line of fatalities on dangerous road

Certain stretches of highway seem to see more accidents than others. Sometimes it is because of the engineering of the road or the environmental conditions that make it difficult for drivers to negotiate, especially if they are unfamiliar with the area. Residents along one stretch of highway in Texas say enough is enough, and they want the Texas Department of Transportation to do something to improve the route for travelers.

Texas teen dies in car accident with 13-year-old driver

Parents usually worry when their children get their driver's licenses. Those early years of learning to negotiate difficult situations and changing traffic patterns can make parents nervous, and the fear of getting a phone call that their young driver has been in an accident may keep parents awake at night. However, parents in Texas are mourning the death of their daughter who never reached the age of obtaining her license.

Distracted Texas driver charged with manslaughter

When people hear about distracted driving accidents, they typically expect the distraction to be a cell phone or navigational device. However, anything can cause a distraction. Drivers who allow themselves to be preoccupied by things other than driving may find themselves the cause of tragic car accidents. One Texas man was recently charged with a felony after such an accident.

Texas athlete dies in single-vehicle car accident

One of the things parents often look forward to as their children grow is watching them participate in sports and other activities. Despite the hectic pace a Texas family often follows getting their children to scheduled activities, it is worth it to sit on the bleachers or in the audience and see the results of the hours of practice and discipline. In some cases, it all pays off when a child uses his or her talent to get a college education. However, in the blink of an eye, a car accident can shatter those dreams.

Texas car accident claims 2 lives

Texas has many stretches of road that many would consider dangerous. Based on the number of car accidents and injuries, drivers may dread traveling on certain highways that are known for their hazardous conditions. Chief among those hazards may be reckless drivers who allow things both inside and outside the vehicle to distract them from the task of operating it safely. Two Texas families are now in mourning following a recent tragic accident.

New Texas law allows police to ticket texting drivers

Drivers across the state may already be noticing changes since a new distracted driving law took effect recently. On Sept. 1, texting and driving became a primary offense, and police now have the authority to pull drivers over specifically for using their cell phones. Officials hope the new law will prevent car accidents that claim lives every year across Texas. Of course, the law is not without its critics.

Texas car accident claims 3 young lives

Fatal accidents on busy interstates are not uncommon events. However, a recent tragic accident on a Texas highway has left authorities with many questions. For unknown reasons, an SUV was traveling south in the northbound lanes around 9 p.m., creating chaos and terror for those on the road. Despite efforts of police to stop the vehicle, the event ended in disaster.

Texas car accident claims toddler's life, causes injuries to mom

A toddler lost his life in a tragic accident that recently occurred in the Lone Star State. Naturally, his surviving family members are grieving and questioning how his life could have been cut so short. The car accident took place along Texas 360 on a Monday morning.

Texas family struggles to recover after car accident

Recovering from a car accident is often a slow, painful process. In fact, many people find that they suffer pain or lack of mobility for years after being injured in an accident. Even more tragic may be watching one's child suffer such injuries. One Texas family anticipates dealing with the aftermath of a recent accident for many years to come, and they are already struggling financially to meet the mounting medical expenses.

Texas boy injured by hit-and-run at dangerous intersection

Victims of car accidents may suffer any number of injuries, depending on the severity of the accident. When the accident involves a pedestrian, the odds are against the victim. With no vehicle to protect them, pedestrians often suffer catastrophic injuries from which they may never fully recover. One young victim of a hit-and-run in Texas continues to fight for his life.

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