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Infant Killed In Suspected Drunk Driving Crash

On behalf of Green Law Texas posted in drunk driving accidents on Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

In spite of the warnings and public awareness campaigns, every day, motorists still choose to drive after they have been drinking alcohol. Countless Texas families have been forever changed by the tragedies that are caused by drink driving crashes. Recently, a former emergency responder allegedly killed an infant after purportedly drinking and driving.

Texas officials responded to the scene of a traffic accident involving a passenger car and a pickup truck. According to the investigation, a family with three children and the parents, was traveling on a local road when the father apparently observed that the traffic ahead slowed down. The man decreased his speed to adjust to changing traffic conditions. Unfortunately, a 28-year-old man driving in the pickup behind, failed to adjust his speed.

The second driver’s vehicle collided with the family’s car. The force of the crash was concentrated on the driver’s side rear section where the infant was securely strapped into her car seat. Officials stated that the baby was correctly fastened in her seat, but the damage from the crash was too severe for her to survive. All of the other occupants were also correctly using the vehicle’s safety restraints.

The father remembers regaining consciousness at the hospital where his wife informed him that their 6-month-old daughter died in the crash. Texas authorities arrested the driver of the pickup — who was a former part-time firefighter — on charges of intoxicated manslaughter. The family is reportedly attempting to recover from their physical and emotional traumas — though their lives will never be the same after such a horrific loss. Families who have suffered the tragic consequences caused by a drunk driving crash may pursue recovery of monetary damages through the civil justice system.

Source:, “Ex-firefighter accused of drunk driving crash that killed baby”, April 30, 2018

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