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Preparing Evidence After A Pedestrian-car Accident

On behalf of Green Law Texas on Friday, May 11, 2018.

It is never easy to recover after being struck by a car as a pedestrian. Often, the injuries suffered are severe and life-altering, and may requite many months of recovery time just to get you back to near-normal functionality in your everyday life and work.

Of course, while you recover, your medical bills and other expenses do not go away. In fact, your expenses in general are probably much higher, while your income is probably cut significantly. For many people facing such circumstances, it can feel overwhelming. It may seem like an insurmountable challenge to simultaneously focus on physical recovery from the accident while also addressing mounting expenses and legal issues.

In most pedestrian-car accidents, the pedestrian must go through a lengthy process to receive fair compensation from the driver to cover these expenses and other losses. If you face this task, it is important to know that you do not have to face it alone. A strong legal advocate can pursue a fair settlement and fight to protect your rights and needs as you heal, giving you the space to turn your attention to your own recovery.

What kinds of evidence to gather

As you build your claim, clear, detailed documentation is essential. A personal injury claim that does not include proper documentation offers the other party or parties responsible for your injuries room to minimize your suffering and potentially get away without compensating you fully. Add up all the costs of your medical care, as well as other financial and personal losses, such as income you do not receive because you cannot go to work.

Be sure to carefully file any and all medical documentation of your injuries, as well as detailed notes pertaining of the accident itself. This may include

  • Photographs and video footage of the accident scene, including surveillance footage of the accident if available
  • Photographs of the injuries you suffered
  • Interviews with witnesses
  • Police reports regarding the accident
  • Medical records relevant to your accident
  • Expert medical testimony

Protect yourself while you recover

Practically speaking, it is usually very difficult to stay on top of all the moving parts of an injury claim while you also recover from your accident. While there are many things that you can do, supporting team members are always wise to consider, to ensure that you remain focused on your physical recovery.

With a strong personal injury claim supported by detailed documentation, your chances of receiving a fair settlement for your losses increase significantly, relieving many stresses that may seem insurmountable otherwise. Your ongoing wellbeing may depend on how you address your claim, so be sure that you fully consider all your options as you move forward.

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